How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星

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How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics 导读:   勃起功能障碍E.D.通常被称为阳痿。每10名男性中就有1人受E.D.影响。伟哥最初是为了治疗成年人的高血压而研发的,但当伟哥被发现可以让更多的血液流向阴茎时,它在辉瑞制药公司都大受欢迎。伟哥是如

Have you ever eaten Viagra?


How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics

How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星



How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星


Like erectile dysfunction E.D. often called impotence.


How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星

 erectile  /ɪ'rektaɪl/  adj. 勃起的;[昆] 可使直立的

It's a little embarrassing to talk about E.D. 


Remember this, yeah, That's Bob Dole. The Republican who faced Bill Clinton for president, talking in a TV ad about Viagra.

记住这个,是的,那是鲍勃·多尔。 这位与比尔·克林顿竞争总统职位的共和党人在电视广告中谈到伟哥。

You've probably seen many ads about the drug or heard references in pop culture.  


Like in this scene from the CW's supernatural. 


Turns out Harold was stealing the other residents Viagra. I know...a real dick move huh?

原来哈罗德在偷其他居民的伟哥。我知道… 真是个混蛋的举动?

But back in the late 90s, when the Bob Dole ad first appeared on TV, talking about treating E.D. was a pretty big deal.  

但是在90年代末,当Bob Dole的广告第一次出现在电视上时,谈论治疗E.D.成为一件大事。

How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星

E.D. affects one in 10 men.  


It's an uncomfortable topic for most males and Viagra was the first non-invasive treatment for it and that was extremely lucrative for Pfizer.  The pharmaceutical company who developed iconic blue diamond shaped pill.

对于大多数男性来说,这是一个令人不舒服的话题,而伟哥是治疗这种疾病的第一个非侵入性疗法,这对辉瑞来说是非常有利可图的。 辉瑞是一家开发出标志性蓝色菱形药丸的制药公司。

lucrative /'luːkrətɪv/adj. 有利可图的,赚钱的;合算的

pharmaceutical /,fɑːmə'suːtɪk(ə)l; -'sjuː-/n. 药物adj. 制药(学)的

In its first quarter in 1998 by Viagra brought in $400 million in worldwide revenue.  


It would later bring in sales of $1.8 billion each year on average worldwide. 


Flash forward to 2019 and Pfizer still holds the lead in the erectile dysfunction market even as competition from generics erodes Viagra's sales. 


generics  /dʒɪ'nerɪk/ n. 非专利药物;通用术语(generic的复数)

That was possible due to several factors including a shift in Pfizer's business strategy but it hopes to start at the beginning to explain how Viagra remains on top. 


Viagra was originally developed to treat high blood pressure in adults but it became a hit for males in the bedroom and Pfizer when it was found to allow greater blood flow to the penis.  


penis /'piːnɪs/ n. 阳物;[解剖] 隂莖

Pfizer patented the drug and introduced it to the U.S. market in 1998 as an E.D. med. The drug was widely popular with consumers and even labeled a wonder pill.  


How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星

Previous treatments were mostly non oral medications like penile injection therapy. You can probably see why that wasn't as popular.


The drug has been credited with opening up a dialogue between men and their doctors about sexual health. It kind of improves the conversation and the rapport  between men and their doctors.

这种药物被认为开启了男性和医生之间关于性健康的对话。 这在某种程度上改善了男性和医生之间的对话和融洽关系。

rapport  /ræ'pɔː/ n. 密切关系,交往;和谐一致;亲善,融洽;和睦关系

It also forces the doctor to acknowledge other aspects of the men's health like mood, depression, intimacy, relationships, stress, everything now kind of can lead to erectile disfunction in its own way. 



近日,FierceBiotech、福布斯等诸多媒体纷纷报道:西地那非有望在干细胞移植治疗肿瘤中发挥重要作用。  全文3183字,用时6分钟 作者:许关煜、李敏华 通常被称为“蓝色小药丸”的Viagra(“伟哥”,通用名sildenafil,西地那非。以下均称西地那非),在美国用


But Viagra's domination of the E.D. market always had an expiration date.  


Companies typically get a set number of years of exclusive rights to sell their drug before having to let others make their own versions.  


Pfizer ended up losing exclusive rights to Viagra in late 2017 that brought with it a flood of generic versions.  


A generic medicine is the same as a brand name medicine and dosage safety and effectiveness.  It's also usually much cheaper. 


Therefore doctors will typically prescribe a generic medicine over a brand name when available so you could imagine what happened to Pfizer. 


How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星

The following year U.S. sales of Viagra suffered declining 73 percent year over year from nearly $800 million to $217 million. 


But Pfizer knew this was coming. So in late 2017, before it lost exclusive rights the drug maker said it would produce a generic version of the little blue pill.  

但辉瑞知道这是迟早的事。 因此,在2017年末,在失去专有权之前,这家制药商表示将生产这种蓝色小药丸的仿制药。

The drug was called Sildenafil and was half the cost of Viagra.  


This change in strategy spared Pfizer from losing most of its market share since it could compete in the generic market.  As of 2019 Pfizer's strategy worked. 


65 percent of prescriptions filled from late 2018 to the end of January 2019 were for Viagra or its generic version.


30 percent of prescriptions were for rival Cialis and its generic Tadalafil. 


Levitra and generic Vardenafil came in third at 5 percent of the market.  



I think Viagra has been able to capture a larger or retain a larger part of the market share than we would see it for another branded drug for let's say high blood pressure high cholesterol when generics enter. 

我认为伟哥已经能够占领或保留更大的市场份额, 比我们看到的另一种品牌药物,比如说当非专利药物进入时高血压高胆固醇市场的时候。 

But it's also the case that we haven't seen as much generic entry yet as we will see in the next five to ten years.  


And I expect that its position as a market leader would fall.  



Other factors also help Pfizer. For one it's one of the most recognizable brands for E.D. treatment.

其他因素也对辉瑞有利。 首先,它是治疗E.D.最知名的品牌之一。

There's also the rise of direct to consumer startups to consider for example Get Roman is a telemedicine provider that connects patients to doctors online to offer maximum privacy and convenience. 

此外,直接面向消费者的初创企业也在兴起,例如Get Roman是一家远程医疗服务提供商,它将患者和医生连接在一起,提供最大限度的隐私和便利。

They've removed the middleman such as drugstores and have allowed customers to buy E.D. meds online.  


Pfizer also hopped on this strategy. It widened the availability of its brand name drug online.

辉瑞也采用了这一策略。 它扩大了其品牌药物在网上的可用性。

How Viagra Made Pfizer Billions Before Generics_枸橼酸西地那非吉林恒星

It said it would offer new discounts to make the branded version of Viagra more accessible to patients. It even allowed consumers to purchase the medication directly from its website. 


So talking about E.D. may not be as big of a deal as it was when Bob Dole's ad appeared and neither is Viagra. 

因此,谈论E.D.这件事可能并不像讨论鲍勃·多尔(Bob Dole)的广告那样大,讨论伟哥(Viagra)也是。





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